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Teilhard, Scripture, and Revelation: A Study of Teilhard de Chardinís Reinterpretation of Pauline Themes
Fairleigh Dickinson University Press/Associated University Presses, 1980)

Evil & Evolution: A Theodicy *
(Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 1984: Republished in a new 2004 edition by Wipf & Stock Publishers, Eugene OR, and now also available as a Amazon Kindle eBook)

Faith: Security & Risk: The Dynamics of Spiritual Growth*(First published by Paulist Press, 1990. Reprinted by Wipf & Stock Publishers, Eugene OR, 2003. Also to be available as an Amazon Kindle eBook.)

The Faith of Jesus: The Historical Jesus and the Stages of Faith* (Published by Wipf & Stock Publishers, Eugene, OR, 2006, 2011: Kindle eBook edition available as of Jan 2012)

Logical Faith: Introducing a Scientific View of Spirituality and Religion
(Co-authored with Joseph Provenzano. Published by iUniverse, Bloomington, IN, 2007, 2009: Now available as an Amazon Kindle book)

Views from a Hermitage: Reflections on Religion in Today's World
(120 selected essays published by Lexington Books, Lanham, MD, 2008 -- autographed hardback copies now available from the author ($25 @ PO Box 315 Johannesburg MI 49751 or updated 2012 edition now available as a Kindle eBook)

What Can We Mean? A Commentary on the Apostlesí and Nicene Creeds for Contemporary Christians*
(Original HTML version of Breaking Open the Creeds: What Can They Mean for Christians Today? Paulist Press, 2010)

Forever: Evolution and the Quest for Life beyond Life * 2012: Also currently available as a paperback from Amazon and CreateSpace and as an Amazon Kindle book. Signed print copies available from the author, $12.50 each @ PO Box 315, Johannesburg MI 49751)



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