Table of Contents


1: Problems, Mysteries, and Truth

        A. Problem and Mystery

        B. The Problems of Evil

        C. The Heart of the Problem

2: Almighty Goodness

        A. God Almighty

        B. God and Good

        C. God and the Evolution of Good

3: The Shape of Evil

        A. The Myths of Evil

                1. The Fall

                2. The Chaos of the Gods

                3. Man as the Tragic Hero

        B. Myth and Evolution

4: The Reality of Evil

        A. Idealism and the World of Evil

        B. The Nature of Evil

        C. How Bad is Evil?

5: The Evil Within

        A. Original or Ultimate Sin?

        B. Freedom and Sin

        C. Sin and the Excess of Evil

6: Evil and World Process

        A. Chance and Choice

        B. Evolution and Death

        C. The Final Enemy

7: The Price of Freedom

        A. Suffering: Human Affliction or Universal Lot?

        B. Freedom and Chance

        C. Freedom and Futility

8: The God Who Suffers

        A. The Lord of the Absurd

        B. The God Who Died

        C. The Self-Emptying God

9: Cosmic Suffering and the Kingdom of God

        A. Suffering and the Cosmic Christ

        B. Parousia and Transfiguration

        C. The Accomplishment of the Kingdom

Epilogue: From Denial to Acceptance

Appendix: Theodicy: Definitions and Short History

Acknowledgments and Additional Notes


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