About the Author

Richard William Kropf, born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1932, was ordained a priest in 1958 for the Diocese of Lansing, Michigan. He served as parish priest for a number of years, then specialized in philosophical and systematic theology, earning doctorates in theology at the University of Ottawa and the Université St-Paul in Canada. He also has engaged in research both in France and Israel. After a number of years of teaching philosophy, religious studies, theology, and psychology in various Michigan colleges and seminaries, he retired to live a life of prayer and writing in northern Michigan. His published works include the following books:


Teilhard, Scripture and Revelation: A Study of Teilhard de Chardin’s Reinterpretation of Pauline Themes. (1980) 


Evil & Evolution: A Theodicy. (1984, 2004)


Faith: Security & Risk: The Dynamics of Spiritual Growth. (1990, 2003)


The Faith of Jesus: The Jesus of History and the Stages of Faith.  (2006)


(with Joseph P. Provenzano) Logical Faith: Introducing a Scientific View of Spirituality and Religion. (2007, 2009).


Views from a Hermitage: Reflections on Religion in Today’s World. (2008)


Breaking Open the Creeds: What Can They Mean for Christians Today? (2010).


More of the author’s writings can be found online at www.stellamar.net/writings/WRITindx.html