Philosophical and Theological Articles:

The Anthropic Principle and the Cosmic Christ (June 1994)

Christ and the Universe (December 2009)

Christianity and Marriage  (March 2014)

Cosmology and Catholicism (August 1995)

Evolution and the Way of the Cross (April 1996)

Kosher Catholicism (February 2012)

Maturing in Faith (March 1991)

The New Atheism and the Future of Christian Theism (August 2011)

Obscurantism or Redundancy? Some Further Thoughts on the Creation of the Soul (December 1999)

On Race & Religion: A Reflection on Edith Stein (October 1998)

Plotinus and the Cosmic Dance (July 2000)

Rethinking the Eucharistic "Real Presence"  (November 1996)

The Search for Soul: The Evolutionary Quest for Immortality (November 2009)

Bishop Spong and the Perils of Demythologization (January 2000)

Teilhard Revisited (August 1999)

Religion in Today's World (Series beginning May 2000)

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